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Please check your internet connection

hi, in the last few days i can't log in to my account. keep getting the following massage: Please check your internet connectio. most likly you use a proxy server and you have to enter the proper information in the options dialog. 

using Windows 10 on Desktop. 


thank you, joshua. 



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,337 Community Manager

    Hi Joshua,

    maybe you find some useful information in this thread.

    best, Esther

    Community Manager
  • shukim
    shukim Posts: 3

    Eshther hi, 

    thank you for your reply. i looked at the thread, but nothing helps. what should i do?


    thank you. 


  • shukim
    shukim Posts: 3

    finaly. thank you very much. 

  • Flying
    Flying Posts: 7

    May I know how you eventually solved the problem?

    Flying @way
  • Hi Esther, i live in United Arab Emirates, im having the same problems where im getting the no internet connection. everything was working fine on thursday before i went on my weekend. so i didnt really use it on the weekend, and now im i need it and its not working. im getting this error that kaspersky may be blocking it but i tried deactivating the my kaspersky, teamviewer is on my trusted applications and i dont really think its kaspersky as it has always been there and it has been fine with it. can you please check the matter for me. thx

  • I did not see posted what it was that resolved your problem. Could I trouble you for that information.

    Thank you


  • Solved my issue. I finally found it was Windows Defender latest definition causing my problem. As soon as I disabled Windows Defender, I was connecting normally.

  • dh613
    dh613 Posts: 2

    Do you mean totally disable defender? 

  • I have read through your thread and all of the posted responses and tried everything that applies to me and nothing has worked. I am in the US and have flawlessly used TV for years and all of the sudden it won't connect to my network. I have re-set my network, restarted computers, tried using and then disabling Proxy settings, turning off Windows Defender, etc. and nothing has solved my problem. I need desperately to access files on my desktop in Florida and an out of the state for another several weeks. HELP PLEASE!!!

  • dh613
    dh613 Posts: 2

    sorry for delay responding. My problem turned out to be my ISP (Talktalk) disabling Teamviewer. Don't think you have them in Florida!

  • xx25
    xx25 Posts: 1
    might be some kind of software blocking. Here I have 3 OS installed on this PC. Vista, XP Mediaversion (=Prof) and XP Prof. Prof and Vista working fine. On Mediaversion I cannot logon. deinstalled TV, deleted all traces in Registry and %appdata% and reinstalled. same problem. Firewall and Avast off.
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