Cant connect to partner pc whenever he uses vpn

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Whenever i connect to my partner pc and turn on hotspot shield VPN the teamviewer automaticaly closes. Is there any way i can use remote pc while simultaneously using VPN.?



  • JedenTag
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    Any change in network settings could disrupt your connection.
    Are you enabling the VPN after you connect with TeamViewer?

    I use TeamViewer while connected with a VPN, but the VPN connection must be established first.

  • I connect with teamviewer and then connect to vpn..
    Is there any way i could do that without exiting teamviewer...

  • JedenTag
    JedenTag Posts: 38 ✭✭

    I may have misunderstood. Are you trying to use the TeamViewer VPN?

    I was thought you were trying to use a third party VPN, sorry.

  • You are talking about an external VPN (not Teamviewer's).
    So first connect to your external VPN, whatever that may be.
    THEN attempt the connection to your partner.

    I do not think that Teamviewer should be exitting when you turn on the VPN, but it is reasonable to lose its connection to the partner.

    This is because whenever you connect to a VPN two things happen:
    Everything that you send or receive is encrypted, and instead of going from You to your ISP to the Destination... it goes from You to your ISP to the VPN Server to the Destination.