Unable to login from iOS (account has been locked)

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Hi, I could not find anyone reporting a similar issue. I'm hoping someone can help.

I currently have TeamViewer installed in 4 computers and an iPhone. Everything was working fine until 2 weeks ago.

Now the mobile version (latest update from the app store, latest iOS 10.1) won't let me login. When I try to login I get a message saying my account has been locked (full message in the attached image).

I was able to use it fine after updating to iOS 10 and the problem appeared before updating to the latest TV version, so it doesn't looks like a compatibility issue.

Does anybody has any advise? I don't think I need to really reset my account since I'm able to login fine from the desktop apps and the browser.FullSizeRender.jpg


  • Reyhan
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    Hi Diegus83,


    Thank you very much for your post.

    Safety is always our primary concern. For this reason I kindly request you to reset your password.

    Please go to https://login.teamviewer.com/LogOn and type in your email addresse:

    After that, please click on "I forgot my password" and so you can reset it to get access to the TeamViewer account.

    Please see for further informations:


    I hope that was helpful :smileyhappy:

    Did my reply answer your question? Please accept it as a solution to help others, Thanks.
  • Diegus83
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    Hi Reyhan, thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately this didn't fixed the login problem. I followed the "I forgot my password procedure", generated a new password, logged in with no issues on the website, then tried on the iPhone app and the same error message show up again.

    I should add that I have the second factor on for my account if that makes any difference.