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Can't add two new computers

I have TeamViewer accessing three computers elsewhere in my house from my main computer. I'm trying to add two more, but I can't get it working.  I tried "grant easy access" on both of them.  One says that it was granted, but it doesn't show up in ParterID or Show Nearby. 

The other says that it is sending a confirmation email.  I tried this several times, and I never got the email.  Of course, it doesn't show up either. 

On one of them, I tried uninstalling TV and reinstalling.  Same problem.

How can I get the access to these two to work?


Added: I just noticed something.  I have one central/main computer downstairs and five upstairs. I want to access the ones upstairs from the one downstairs.  When I added "easy access" to one of the new ones, it added it for another of the ones upstairs, and not for the one I want (the downstairs one).  Is there a way to fix this?


Well, by uninstalling, reinstalling, and carefully selecting options, I got it working, except for one problem that I'll ask in another message.

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