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Teamviewer_Service using excessive CPU resources (Mac OS)

I have noticed in the last couple weeks that "Teamviewer_Service" is using excessive CPU resources (often over 100%). This is version 14.2.8352 for Mac. It is noted on latest version of Mohave, as well as High Sierra. I have seen this on three different machines. These are machines that are just running Teamviewer, and are not active in screen sharing. It seems to take awhile before this behavior is noted, so it doesn't happen right away after startup.


  • mlrobins
    mlrobins Posts: 3

    Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.22.56 AM.jpg

  • Grandpaxxl
    Grandpaxxl Posts: 2

    I've got the same problem on my MacBook Pro 8,2 (Sierra).

    The cpu load is so high, it takes a minute before the client connects to the Teamviewer servers. Whats going on there? Doesn't noticed anybody from the Teamviewer Developers this terrific bug?

    By the way the v13.2 Version of Teamviewer works as expexted ... unfortunately this one can't connect to the target systems which are on a higher version. ;-(

  • simplydat
    simplydat Posts: 1

    I too have exactly the same problem with causing my Mac to burn up due to extreme high CPU usage with the latest 14.2.8352 on MacOS Sierra.

    I need then force quit Teamviewer and restart the application. Then after a while, the process would be there eating up CPU again. I'm scared to keep Teamviewer running now as  It is detrimental both to my Mac's longevity and battery life.

    Why hasn't Teamviewer look into this problem? 

  • vferg
    vferg Posts: 2

    Same issue as well.  I can always tell its happening since Macbook fans will start spinning up to high.  I leave the application open most of the day, even if not connecting to a client and it seems to spike after its been open for a bit.  Closing application and restarting it works but always comes back.  I havent seen this issue prior to the update to version 14.

  • jhoetmer
    jhoetmer Posts: 1

    Same here, excessive CPU loading, up to 400+ %.

    However, when running TeamViewer inside a Windows 10 VM on top of MacOS it works fine. There's clearly a problem with the Mac version of TeamViewer 14!

    Version: 14.2.8352

    MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

    MacBook Pro i7/16G

  • sharijs
    sharijs Posts: 1

    Absolutely the same problem!

  • cycchow
    cycchow Posts: 1

    I have this problem before, but i found that, after unplugged the hdmi external display, everything back to normal. 

    Try to see if this can help.

  • Thanks for the hint but i never had or will have an external monitor via hdmi in use ... so the problem must have other triggers ...

    Furthermore it is very unlikely that all the mac users with different os and hardware have an external monitor attached !

  • I want to say this is definitely still happening and it's causing my Mac Mini to get scalding hot and making the fan turn on. Version 15.1.3937. I have 'Start Teamviewer with System' out of necessity.

    I couldn't understand why my Mini kept was doing this until I examined the Activity Monitor and discovered the TeamViewer_Service was at 100+% CPU. The moment I killed the process, the Mini's fan went off and temps returned to normal. It happens every time. You'll quit TeamViewer_Service and reopen Teamviewer, and it will have low CPU % for awhile, but then it slowly keeps creeping up.

    Something has to be done or looked at about this, because I fear it's causing a lot of heat and performance issues with my Mini, and don't feel like I can have the program running constantly anymore, which completely invalidates it's purpose and being able to have access to a remote machine.

  • Is this going to get addressed or at least acknolwedged by Teamviewer staff? I had been using TV for over a decade but this is a crippling issue which unless corrected has forced me to switch to another remoting software, which I really prefer not to.

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