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TeamViewer Host for AOSP - Log In Credentials removed sometimes

Hello. I recently installed TeamViewer Host on my Android AOSP Board (Rock960 - 2GB RAM Version). 

I logged in using my TeamViewer Account. I'm able to see that my device is online in the "Computers and Contacts" part in TeamViewer in my laptop, and I'm able to remotely control my AOSP Board.

However, I noticed that after several shutdowns on the AOSP Board, I find that when I open TeamViewer Host, my log in isn't there and I have to manually type it again. 


Is here any workaround on this issue? 

Is it possible to just open TeamViewer Host on AOSP via Intent AND pass values for the email and password and log in?

So far, I can open TeamViewer Host from my app via:

Intent launchIntent = context.getPackageManager()

This works fine and I'm able to run TeamViewer Host. Once TeamViewer is open AND it has my email and password, it logs in automatically. However, when it doesn't have my credenials, it doesn't log in, and I need it to log in automatically.

Is there anyway to do this?