Team viewer BUG

What to do , if i have discoved bug in Team viewer , who i  should contact for that ?

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  • Julia
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    Hi medhatf,


    In order to be able to give you the best service, we need to know more about the problem you encountered. Could you please explain it in a little bit more detail?

    Did you receive an error message and if so, what did it say?



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  • Giffore
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    I know if you have someone that is remotely controlling you, but you disable their ability to use their mouse to control your screen while you're away, they can disconnect and reconnect to the session and immediately regain mouse control over your screen behind your back. The Teamviewer Id and password remains the same during this time, so they can easily reconnect to do this.

  • MikZ
    MikZ Posts: 1

    is there any way to report a bug ?

    (without "starting discussion" or "asking a question") I can do "New Post" but there is no option about bug report.