Windows 10 does not look to start service until logon



  • fdg001
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    So I had the same issue about Teamviewer Host not starting on one computer and I will say the steps I did to solve it so you can check if it helps to see a path to the real problem.

    My Network doesn't have a domain, it has a LoadBalance managing IP's

    I have 3 Dell and 1 Samsung, all notebooks and only 1 Dell had problems (the older one)

    Teamviewer wouldn't start even after logon, if I double click the icon it would ask a security confirmation and work fine.

    First I tried the "ServicesPipeTimeout" solution but it didn't help

    Then I "enabled the interactive mode for the service" and it started to work fine. After reading this post I turned it off again. The interesting fact is that it keeps working fine, so for me the problem is around that base.

    Now I have the Interactive mode turned off and Teamviewer Host 13 working fine.

  • Kryptekk
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    May 12 2020....this is still an issue. 

  • Interchester
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    Seems to be still an issue in July 2020. Is there a solution?

  • Craig70130
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    Over two years later the problem still exists on various versions of Windows Server.  Obviously they have no interest in fixing it.