Remote cursor, mac login password won't work?

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Hi there, I have a recent problem with Team Viewer where I can remotely log-in to see my mac's screen fine, but when I try to type in my mac's login passord (not Team Viewers) nothing happens? I can go into the file transfer section and transfer files, but can't get past my own mac log-in page, it's like the screen is frozen?

The cursor flashes, as if ready to type, but nothing works.

I've re-installed, checked the settings and gone into the 'Remote Control' section of TV preferences and set the 'Show your partner's cursor' button to 'on'.

Version 14.2.8352 on both macs and MacOS 10.14.3

I 'can' access my home computer from work, but logging in the other way just won't work?

Any pointers would be appriciated, cheers.


  • arodgers
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    Hi CyanDesign,

    I have seen this issue with Mojave not allowing remote access software from using the local keyboard / mouse. 

    On the machine with the issue please navitage to System Preferences > Security + Privacy > Accessibility. Ensure TeamViewer is in this list and then retry the remote connection.

    I hope this helps!


  • CyanDesign
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    Thanks arodgers, I'll give this ago later tonight and report back.

    Makes sense as the issue seems to be around the update of the OS.