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Single server access multiple PC via VPN


I need to setup a network of 3 PCs over 3/4G connection via VPN. Will the paid version allows me to do that? Currently by using the free version, I can only access to one VPN node at a time even though I have two PCs connected in TeamViewer's VPN




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  • alex0667
    alex0667 Posts: 1

    Hello, recently I have configured a VPN via 3g/4g for administering a little network.

    You need to work in static routes to obtain access to an internal network.

    When you establish a VPN connection between two machines, you have two public IP connected, of netowrk address.

    In Machine a, the client the access the VPN network you need to set one or more static route to the private network (in remote site), example: route add MASK, where is, for example, the IP assigned to remote VPN computer.

    Additionally, you need to set a static route in remote networl (for example in the dg router) for the reply packets, example: route add MASK, where is the public IP assigned from TeamViewer to the client and is the remote machine where you have installed TeamViewer and you have enabled VPN support.

    I'm using this solution to acces my private network, at home, where I have a VMware lab, from my Office.



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