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@ not working when connecting from Chromebook to mac

Hey everyone,

Problem: we use teamviewer to help out our customers but when i connect to a mac things like @, # and | are not working.It seems like all the keys that need an altGr or shift to be typed, are not registered.

Extra Information: We use the google play app on our chromebooks. The chromebooks have an AZERTY-keyboard so @ = AltGr + é (if you are not familiar with azerty, see below for an overvieuw of where all the keys are.)
It is a paid version of teamviewer. The teamviewer on the customers computer is always the latest version because customers connect to our serviceque. never with a pre-installed temaviewer.

Question: Can this be solved? is there a way to easily type an @ trough teamviewer using AZERTY?


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