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TeamViewer on Amazon Fire tablet

Is it true that the newest TeamViewer will NOT work on an Amazon Fire Tablet?

Thank you,


  • dnelson
    dnelson Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Teamviewer on my Amazon Fire (5th Gen, KFFOWI) when used to control other devices works great.  It's rooted, but I think root is only needed for Host mode.

    Host barely works at all, however.  The screen when viewed on the controlling device is mainly black, but sometimes the remote screen flickers on.  Remote mouse control doesn't work, but remote touch control does (if controlling from a touch-enabled device).  Remote keyboard works.  The Fire tables run a heavily customized and locked-down version of Android, though, so I wouldn't put too much blame on Teamviewer here.

  • I can login to the fire tablet just fine and view the screen, but no remote control is available. Click on something and a finger shows up on the screen.

    Pretty lame if you ask me...

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Posts: 243 [Former Staff]

    HI All,

    Thanks for the feedback in this thread.

    As you already discovered, many but not all Android devices are fully remote controllable with TeamViewer. 

    If you only get the "blue hand" pointer this means that view/show is only supported on the device in question.

    I have submitted a feature request for full remote control compatibility of the Amazon Fire tablet. There is not a guarantee that this feature will be implemented but it has been forwarded to our product management team for consideration.

    All the best,


  • Can I use the New Amazon Fire HD 10 with Teamviewer installed to remotely control other (desktop) computers?  I do a bit of support for my family and friends and sometimes want to do/access and send things from my desktop while on the road with my tablet.  I've been able to do that with my Samsung Note 8.0, but it just bricked on me and I need a new tablet that will allow me to do that.  I'm not looking to remotely control the Amazon Fire HD 10 as it seems to be the topic here.  

  • dnelson
    dnelson Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Controlling other devices from your Fire HD 10 should work with no problems.  You'll want to install the "TeamViewer for Remote Control" app for this.


  • Pirate
    Pirate Posts: 3

    Been some time, any idea when this will be addressed?

  • Please develop full TeamViewer support for Amazon Fire tablets.
  • +1 on remote control of Fire HD 10 tablets

  • I agree now that it would be useful now to be able to control the Amazon Fire HD10 Tablet (7thgen) as I've bought my mom one and she needs lots of help all the time and she lives on the other side of the globe from me. Pleas address this issue and let us know when you have. Thank you.
  • What are you thinking of looking at? we are using it on numerous devices but sadly some customers have purchased Amazon Fire and we have view only options. 

    Is there anything better that can be used on the Fire?

  • Pirate
    Pirate Posts: 3

    If you have Google Play installed on the Fire HD8 / 8th Generation (based on Android 7.1.2), TeamViewer, Host, and QuickSupport all worked for me...

  • But could you login and control the fire tablet from a remote computer?
  • Pirate
    Pirate Posts: 3

    I sit corrected. <scratching head>.  Could have sworn when I installed it a couple months ago after getting my 8th Gen that it worked.  Can't get it to work now.  Some features work but not remote.

    Sorry about that. 

    I'm back to figuring out what's up...


  • Dez 2019 and nothing yet....

    +1 on remote control of Fire HD 10 tablets

  • Eox
    Eox Posts: 1

    Working now!!!. Playstore add-on universal

    hd8 8th gen

    RNWOLF Posts: 1

    @Eox please let me know what you did to get it working.

    In my case, it allows view-only access from Win 10 PC to 10inch Fire Tablet.

    I have 8th Gen Fire tablet.  An have installed the following on tablet via Google Play:

    Teamviwer Host & TeamViewer Universal Add-On.

    I want to be able to control tablet via the touch screen on my Win 10 Laptop.

  • jemolney
    jemolney Posts: 1 Newbie

    @RealAlan, @RNWOLF, @Eox & @Pirate: has ANYONE found a solution?? I purchased an Amazon Fire Tablet for my mom because she can no longer get to her desktop. I have connected to the desktop for years, no problems, so I installed it on her Tablet, and it won't allow me to reach it from my laptop, or from my Android phone!! It WILL allow me to control OTHER devices, but when trying to access the tablet it says, "not accepting incoming connections." 😡

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