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Can't submit a ticket to support

i have some problems with my licenses since recent changes around TeamViewer 14 release. I know that simply sending an email to [email protected] doesn't work and nobody is answering the phone.

When i try to submit/create a ticket i get an information that there is no such mail address in their database (whereas they regularly send me mails concerning my licenses and payments etc.). The site asks me for my license number which i provide and then i get an answer that my license is not valid.

Like, it's simply not true. I have an invoice for that license number i USE it all the time. 

So question is why there is no support with TeamViewer, why no one is responding on [email protected] and why there is such a deterioration in customer care?  We are using this software for 7 years now but it's getting worse and worse each year.

Anybody from the TeamViewer crew - please help.

Thanks bunches.

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