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Remote control only 2 minute!!

Re-install cannot solve the problem. How to clean un-install the TeamViewer Application and fix the 2 minute remote problem?



  • Yuri_T
    Yuri_T Posts: 2,256 [Former Staff]

    Hi @kennynht ,

    Thank you for your post.

    Could you please explain it in a little bit more details?
    Did you get an error message and if so, what did it say?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Former Japanese Community Moderator
  • kennynht
    kennynht Posts: 2

    I using a PC with teamviewer 14 to remote home PC, Home pc teamviewer same 14 version. I no idea why the PC remote to home PC just only 2 minute. After 2 minutes, session auto close and i need to wait around 15 minute after, then i can remote again, but still 2 minute after close.... I tried to remote to other PC, the result also 2 minute close session. I tried to uninstall and install the teamviewer again. But the problem not solve....

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  • Nellos
    Nellos Posts: 1

    connections with my friends are dropping every 2 minutes, and before that it didn't happen, both my friends and me, we have free accounts, everything has been working until yesterday, yesterday when I called a friend I couldn't do anything, we helped each other in the settings of a hobby called Drone Rcer FPV and we did not charge anything to the people we helped, I would be grateful if you could check it out in order to connect with friends normally.

    as conexões com os meus amigos estão caindo de 2 em 2 minutos, e antes isso não acontecia, tanto os meus amigos quanto eu, temos contas gratuitas, tudo tem estado a funcionar até ontem, ontem quando liguei a um amigo não consegui fazer nada, nós ajudamos uns aos outros nas configurações de um hobby chamado de Drone Rcer FPV e não cobramos nada ás pessoas que ajudamos, agradecia que verificassem por favor afim de poder me conectar aos amigos normalmente.