How to Keep Customers in the Loop with a Remote Sticky Note

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Want to build stronger, more personal customer relationships with the people you provide tech support to? With TeamViewer 12 you can leave Remote Sticky Notes to keep customers in the loop about what’s happening with their device.

In any business, forming and nurturing customer relationships is incredibly important.

As you’ll likely already know - this is especially true in the relationship between an IT worker and the people they help.

Quite often, during tech support you’ll have access to the customer’s sensitive information. As well as direct interaction with the customer’s property and software environment.

It might seem simple, but by leaving a Remote Sticky Note you can help ensure customers feel good about the tech support they receive.

Transparency is the Key to a Great Tech Support Relationship

The key to why something as simple as a note can have a big impact, is because of the importance of transparency in building a relationship of mutual trust between you and the customer.

In most cases, the customer doesn’t have the knowledge to completely understand everything you do.

Opening system programs they’ve never seen before, or taking actions they aren’t familiar with can lead to a sense of confusion.

And often the customer needs to get on with something else, leaving you alone to continue working on their machine.

They may only return to their device once you’ve left – not knowing for certain if the issue has been resolved, or what actions were taken.

Insecurity is understandable – when you don’t have the experience, knowledge, or insight but know that someone else has made changes on your device, all kinds of worries can form.

And your transparency can be the key to removing their insecurity!

In practice this means doing everything possible to ensure the customer is completely aware of what you’re doing and why, at the main points of your tech support process.

Without Transparency Customers Will Take Negative Action

What would you think happens, when customers are insecure and have no transparency on the tech support they’ve received?

They’ll notice one way or another that something has happened on their device. But they won’t know what it is.

Their first action might be to try and call you.

Explaining everything you did to improve their feeling of insecurity takes a lot of time, and will interrupt tasks you’re working on at the time.

If they can’t reach you, your customer may begin making changes on their device themselves. And their trust in you will be lessened.

In case their changes cause an issue to re-appear, they may have second thoughts about contacting you again to ask for help, even though it wasn’t your fault.

Putting everything you did in written form directly in front of them is much easier.

Existing Workarounds Do Not Solve the Problem

With all of that in mind – how should we go about improving transparency?

You could perhaps write a message on the customer’s device – using a common program such as Notepad, Text Editor, or Word.

But this runs the risk of creating a bad impression, as the customer might feel that you have gone into their private space, which is not relevant to the tech support.

It could also simply be overlooked – as there is nothing obvious about programs such as those that suggests it is related to the tech support.

The feedback from many TeamViewer users is that a dedicated note feature would greatly simplify this method of communication.

Because of this feedback, we made sure that TeamViewer 12 includes Remote Sticky Notes!

How to Create a Remote Sticky Note

Ready to clearly and easily communicate with customers by leaving a message during a remote support session?

Great! Follow these steps:

1. During a remote control session, click Actions | Leave note in the tool bar of the Remote Control window.


  •  The Sticky Note text field will pop up.


2.  Enter your notes in the text field.

  • All notes will be directly visible to your customer. It will continuously be displayed after the remote session has been closed.

What Notes Should You Create on Customers’ Devices?

Now that you’ve got the right tools at your disposal, what kinds of notes should be created for customers?

If a customer needs to leave their device in your capable hands, creating a note during a session to describe all the actions you’ve taken will ensure they know what’s going on when they pop back to their desk.

Then - once you’ve finished - you can leave that note, remaining visible on the customer’s desktop after the remote session has ended.

In this you can let them know what you’ve done, and what any next steps are.

In addition to that, include your preferred contact information in case something crops up again on the customer’s device.

Any ideas on what notes will you create, already? Let’s share ideas in the discussion area below!

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  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you for your comment.

    A branding of the sticky note is at the moment not possible. May I ask you to add this wish to our Feature Request board (click here)?

    Thank you in advance!


    Former Community Manager

  • compbck
    compbck Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I agree, the Sticky Note is a valuable communication tool allowing relevant TV messages to be left for the user, rather than open the user's copy of Notepad or MS Word in order to leave a completion message.

    Also does away for the need to send a completion email message.

  • ITC
    ITC Posts: 1

     where are "Sticky Note " on MAC ?

  • I've been looking for something like this forever - thank you!

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    Hi @surfinlakkie Which version of TeamViewer is running on the remote computer? It has to be TeamViewer 12 to use this feature. 

    Former Community Manager

  • Looking forward to start the TeamViewer

  • melbar2001
    melbar2001 Posts: 1


    Does the remote computer need to run on Teamviewer 12 also?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    Hi @melbar2001 

    Yes, both sides of the connection need to run with TeamViewer 12 to use the new features of TeamViewer 12.

    Former Community Manager

  • railive
    railive Posts: 1

    Dear Teamviewer,

    How can you wright a post about  " Want to build stronger, more personal customer relationships with the people you provide tech support to? " if you do not handle support your own this way.

    I'm a corporate customer for many years and now i need some support on security issues and teamviewer 12. I have looked at all forums, faq's and manuals but can't find the solution for my personal situation. So i decided to write an email explain what i need. The only thing i got back was:

    Dear TeamViewer Customer,
    We are continuously working to optimize the way we handle your requests.
    Which is why we have discontinued the usage of the support email address: We now have a form on our website, solely dedicated to handling all your requests: Please use this form for any future request to TeamViewer.

    For readily available tips and ongoing expert discussions on TeamViewer-related issues, please join us on our community and be part of the global TeamViewer Community.

    Thanks for understanding.
    Your TeamViewer Support Team

    Nice customer relation you are building with your customers. If my answer was in the community i would have gone there. How hard can it be for your company to attach. my email to a support ticket??

  • This is a very nice feature to have between you and the customer.  But, as Ray_T stated, It would be nice to be able to leave 
    your own Logo on the 'Sticky Note'...  It just personalizes the relationship in a better way!!!

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 4,052 Former Community Manager

    @Rogue1266 Feel free to give a Kudo to Ray_Ts Post. This will "upvote" the feature request and our Produt Management is monitoring the ideas board closely :-) Best, Esther

    Former Community Manager

  • hello,

    it's possible to open more than one Sticky Note ?



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