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Working locally on remote computer

Working locally on remote computer

As a newbie to TV I would like to understand the TV Remote Application.

I switch the power on by GSM Switch, WOL activates, signing in to WIN 10 at the local A computer remotely. TV works flawlessly. All three displays at A can be seen remotely at computer B.

 Question concerns situation when working locally(not remotely) at A.


  • When locally powering computer A, WIN 10 sign in window is not opened. There is only “life” in one display. No info on any of the three displays. I.e. I am not able to work locally on local computer A.
  • Only way to get access locally on local computer A is to connect remotely over Wi Fi with computer B. I need  to be able to work locally on computer A with all three displays in normal way.
  • Which settings on computer / WIN 10 / TV should be addressed to allow this without affecting remote control from computer B?

 Thank you for any advice.


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