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Licensed TeamViewer says session was free.

As of this morning I am receiving a message from TeamViewer at the close of each session stating "this was a free session sponsored by".

I have a corporate license, it is associated with my account name, and I am logged in. I am not having any problems or lost connections. Just reporting the situation.



  • I do not see an answer to this, and I am having the same issue. I emailed Teamviewer requesting assistance and they refered me to the forum. As a customer I would have expected an answer instead of being refered to the forum.

  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,110 Community Manager

    Hi all,

    @TJENSEN Which TeamViewer version were you using when getting the message? Please make sure to have the corresponding TeamViewer version for your TeamViewer license in place. Were you logged in with your licensed TeamViewer account?

    @JedenTag As your post is quite "old". Did you experience this issue again? Or is it resolved for you?

    Thanks and best, Esther

    Community Manager
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