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Is it possible to add a computer to my account without having to confirm it each time with the confirmation email TeamViewer ?

Thank you in advance.


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    Thank you for your reply ;-).


  • TeammatezTeammatez Posts: 6

    If you have enterprise/corporate version of Teamviewer v12, you can create a Custom Host module under Design & Deploy and utilize only the -idc generated key for that model on your Full Version of Teamviewer.

    When you install your Full Version with the "Teamviewer_Setup-idc******.exe"(or MSI, you can use either/or), a Teamviewer.json file will be created in your Program Files (x86) folder allowing you to assign your account manually and to allow easy access option as well. Otherwise you will have to confirm every single device manually and boy was that a pain in the **bleep**.

  • DomLanDomLan Posts: 490 Star


    Hosts are for inbound connection.


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  • TeammatezTeammatez Posts: 6

    Yes, but you can utilize the Host configuration ID on a Full version of Teamviewer to get around the email confirmation . The Installation with appended -idc******* will generate a token within the Teamviewer.json file that will allow you to assign it to your account without going to your email.

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