License - Computer that it was stored on has crashed.

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We have been using Teamviewer 10 for years now . We had the 1 seat license that we had purchased.
The programmer that was using it left the company 2 years ago. But her computer stayed here, so we were still able to use the Teamviewer software.

Unfortunately, last month that computer crashed, and we are not able to use the software that was on that computer.  How can we get a copy of that license, so we can run the Teamviewer program on a different computer?

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Mark Preston



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    Hello @MPreston 

    Thank you for your post, and welcome to the TeamViewer community!

    This community is mostly user-driven - manyanswers and solutions come from our users and super-users, and not employees.

    As your issue relates to licensing, our support team would be best equipped to assist. You can submit a ticket or call them directly.

    Thanks in advance!

    Josh P.

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