Hi all, first time caller with a question about remote access

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So I have two computers all setup and working with TM on the free 14 day trial - fantastic - but when I dial in to the remote computer, I can't click anywhere. I think I've got all the permission settings right (there are so many in OSX 10.15 (Catalina) that I'm not sure if all the right boxes are ticked. All the other features work like file transfer and chat, but I just can't control the other machine with my mouse or keyboard. Well, thx for any advice, I want to be able to get into this machine while on vacation and reboot if needed - but I can't get past the screensaver on the remote :) 


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    Ha, never mind. I rebooted a few times and then turned off screensaver. Seems to be working fine now. Love this! Btw, when the 14-day trial is up, will I still be able to do remote access where I log into my machine at home while I am on the road? I'm a retired IBM'er, and this app sure has been improved since I last used :)