Xiaomi Redmi note 7



Plese your help ASAP , I am using Teamviewer and it is great program but recently I bought Xiaomi Redmi note 7 phone to my mother and i must to give her suport.

the problem is that can't control the phone remotly just can see the screen and this also only after getting permision from the user.

what can be done i must help her remotly !

Thanks in advance please your fast help and support.



  • Gendov
    Gendov Posts: 1

    I have same problem with Redmi 7A with Android 9. My mother is 85 years old and live in another country. I need to help her with setings when something went wrong. 

    TeamViewer QuickSupport works well with Android 7 Chinese tablet that I gave to her. But does ot work with Xiaomi Redmi 7A phone. I connect to the phone from Apple iPad. I see teh phone desktop. I see one hand is moving on the screen when I move my finger on iPad. But noting else. I cannot click, move screen, start programs etc.