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I made a mistake to pay for teamviewer

After sales sujpport ids nonexistent. I had to create a user who forgot her password so we changed the password and she was going to log in. It told her she needs to actiavte her account. Original link they sent was too old and didn;t work anymore. So we requested new email to be sent. It didn;t come within 30 minutes so we decided we are going to delete user and create it again. Now it says email address is being used even though it doesn't show in user management anymore. Is this email address burned for good or what does teamviewwer do in sitruations like this? Do we need to send them fax and ask them to remove the email address so that we can add it again?

When I was going to buy it I wanted to chat with somebody, they insisted on calling me and were very professional. Once the payment was done it is not possible to get anybody to talk to you. This software is **bleep**, good old **Third Party Product**.

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