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Change community username

When you first sign up for the teamviewer community it has you create a username. If you wanted to change that how do you go about doing that?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,614 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi daemon,

    Thank you for this question. It is not possible to change your username. 

    But I am curious to hear, why you would like to change it :-)

    Best, Esther


    Community Manager
  • daemon1
    daemon1 Posts: 5


    Because I would like to use that username with the account that I was trying to unlock. Not with this account that I created just so that I could unlock the other account.  In fact this account could be deleted as I don't need that one anymore.

  • In my case I would like to change my displayname 'cause one letter is missing

    Suporte MechWorks
  • Hello Community,
    another username, but the same problem
    "I would like to change my displayname 'cause one letter is missing"

    Display name should be changed from "haenchen" to "haenschen" if only is possible because a little chicken is in german a "hae(h)nchen" but "haenschen" means "little Hans" or in german "kleiner Hans"



    Greetz & tschau
  • Many THX & Greetz,
    here is also Christmas and my wishes have been fulfilled
    Thank you very much or in my language

    lachende-smilies-0101.gif  &  +1.png


    Greetz & tschau
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