Cannot Connect after Windows 10 Creators Update

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I have noticed that with two computers, both of which have been upgraded with the Windows 10 Creators Update, I can no longer connect to them using Teamviewer.

Teamviewer reports Authtentication Rejected.

I've tried rebooting the machines and checked the security settings and whitelists.   TV is set to start automatically on both machines.    One is using the Windows Firewall, which is disabled, and the other Norton Security, which is enabled.  Any ideas?




  • Mulsambe
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    I have 4 computers, and use TV12 on each in order to connect from one to the other.
    Everything used to work perfectly until PC1 upgraded to Windows 10 Creators update.

    Currently PC1 to PCx no longer works.
    PCx to PC1 doesn't work either.

    All other combinations still do work.

    Obviousliy, W10 upgrade is the origin of the problem.
    It seems strange that Teamviewer did not see the problem before Windows Upgrade went public.
    It is also strange that no solution seems to be available yet.

    Do someone have any idea ?
    By the way, going back to TV11 does not seem to work either.


  • Mulsambe
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    Sorry for my previous comment about Teamviewer not aware.
    Do find Staff's explanations in this post.
    Not a solution yet, but analysis well engaged.

  • blueice00
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    It should not be a issue with windows 10 creators update.

    I have thise problems also on other version of windows.

    I think a Security Patch from Microsoft should be the reason, but i dont know which one.


  • G-Man
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    I almost every machine I hve done, the TeamViewer ID # has changed.