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Installation Limbo

Ok, so we cannot remove Endpoint protection, as there is not entry in the uninstallers list, and it shows as not installed from the management end.  However, it IS running and can even scan on the endpoint.  When we try to 're-install' to link up the management, we get:

"Endpoint Protection activation failed on XXXXX-PC. There is another Endpoint Protection software (TeamViewer Endpoint Protection (ITbrain Anti-Malware)) installed on XXXXX-PC. To use Endpoint Protection, please disable TeamViewer Endpoint Protection (ITbrain Anti-Malware) and click on Activate again."


  • Stanislav
    Stanislav Posts: 302 Staff member 🤠


    Thanks for the message, 

    We are investigating similar situations. 

    Just to make sure what happened can you contact our support. to have a look at this situation? 

    As a temporary possible solution, you could try to uninstall using CMD  with admin privileges

    Navigate in CMD to: C:\Program Files\ITbrain\AntiMalware\

    in the above folder run the command: setup.exe /uninstall 

    This should trigger the uninstall. 





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