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Cannot connect until login to teamviewer website

When I try to login from my teamviewer client, nothing happens when I try to connect.  I have to login to the teamviewer website and connect from there.  Once I do that, the client login from my pc successfully connects.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Any suggestions?

Best Answers


  • seongling
    seongling Posts: 1

    My problem similar, but not solved with remove the field and type again, the signin button still grey out. Any suggestion ?

  • my login button is greyed out and re-entering the password does not free it uup.. any ideas?

  • I had to log into the website and add my machine to the list of trusted devices again.  Once that was done, the log in button on the app worked again.

  • Same issue - desktop client don't connect even though I am on internet typing this?  Did you get answer?