Can't control Asus Zenfone Max

Gorgo Posts: 3

Hi everyone.
I tried to control a Asus Zenfone Max (Teamviewer QuickSupport installed) with Windows 10 with TeamViewer 11 and 12. I could connect, I saw the blue hand on the screen but I couldn't click anything.

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  • Reyhan
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    Hi Gorgo,

    thank you for your post :smileyhappy:

    May be this information will help you:


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  • Gorgo
    Gorgo Posts: 3

    Thank you. I suggest you add an alert if you try to control an Asus phone without a business account, as soon as Teamviewer detects it. If not It's seems that it's a bug and I spent several minutes to try to control it.

  • Gorgo
    Gorgo Posts: 3

    I understand the problem but, as you've understood, if you're not aware about this Asus exception, you aren't alerted when you use a Teamviewer client and a Teamviewer Quicksupport on an Asus phone ;)

    Thank you.