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Update for Raspberry Pi

DanielStmDanielStm Posts: 224 Staff

Hi there,

We have just released an update of TeamViewer Host for Raspberry Pi.

Even though we have a repository in place, this update needs manual intervention. There are two reasons for this:

  1. We upgraded the key used to sign the repository meta data to meet today's security needs
  2. The update might change your TeamViewer ID. This is a one-time event.

We could, of course, roll out the new signature in two phases (first, include the new public key in an update, second use the new key some weeks later), but that might leave some people wondering why they can't connect to their RasPi anymore after the update.

So we decided that you have to manually trigger the update and be able to handle the ID change.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. The most straight-forward way is to just download the new release and install it.
  2. If you prefer, you can also just add our new signature key and then trigger the update.
    As superuser, run:
wget -O - | apt-key add -
apt update
apt upgrade

Please also read:
Linux Board: TeamViewer Linux Host preview for PC and RasPi 
Knowledge Base: How to install TeamViewer Linux Host for PC and RasPi

All the best,


Linux Developer

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  • AnonyOneAnonyOne Posts: 1

    Hi Daniel,

    After a clean install of the new stable version, I am experiencing the following consistant behaviour :

    Upon configuring the client, and specifically - the personal password for unattended access, everything works well and I am able to connect smoothly.

    BUT... after reboot, it seems that the "personal password" is not retained and any connection attempt results in a wrong password error. going back into the configuration screen and resetting the same exact personal password would allow a connection, until the next reboot/shutdown...


  • DanielStmDanielStm Posts: 224 Staff

    Hi AnonyOne,

    by now we have 3 people reporting this. Only the Pi version seems to be affected, no reports for the PC version yet. We could not reproduce it yet, but are working on it.

    In the meantime, I'd recommend to try the ManagedDevice feature: Just run "teamviewer setup" to assign the Pi to your machine. You can then connect to your Pi without password via your Computer & Contacts list. (Assignment can be removed by removing & re-installing the package)

    Linux Developer
  • Make that four - we're experiencing the same behaviour with the latest version for the Pi.

    Even attaching it to a TV account didn't work for long -- it appeared and was accessible from the account as expected, at least until the Pi rebooted. Once it started back up, the ID and password were different -- as soon as I re-added the ID to my account and reset the password on the Pi, I was able to connect again.... until the next reboot. Running it as a daemon or from the console doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I downloaded the latest version of 11 for ARM and while you can't link that one to an account as indicated, I added it manually. The ID changed after the first reboot but not afterward. The password seemed to be preserved as well.

    I reverted back to teamviewer-host_11.0.63329 which doesn't have these symptoms.

    I should add that I'm using an up-to-date version of Raspbian Jessie -- both Lite and Pixel distros seem to be affected.

  • kangootomkangootom Posts: 1

    I have the lost password Issue as well.

    Plus, I had 3 different User IDs since the fresh installation 24h ago.

    Is there an older release with less bugs available?

  • DanielStmDanielStm Posts: 224 Staff

    Please have a look here for updated information on the issue:

    Raspbian: Password and ID problems

    Linux Developer
  • rutskiukrutskiuk Posts: 1

    After updating to V12 I now have a problem booting to the GUI.

    I can alt+ctrl+f2, log in and use startx but I need it to boot to gui automatically

    I thought maybe I had messed something up so this afternoon I reinstalled raspbian and reinstalled all my apps only to find as soon as I installed V12 the problem returned.

    Is there a way to revert to 11 while 12 is sorted? I added the updated key so updates will replace 11 if I install it manually.

  • noideanoidea Posts: 1

    TV running smoothly on my RPi 3. Is it planned to enable videostreaming and audio chat functions in future releases?



  • Hi Daniel,

    I have just installed Teamviewer on my raspberry pi 3 and whanted to log in with my E-mail and Password. The Keyboard layout seems to be realy strange because my Backspace is "5" my Enter is "6" and so on. I can not write my Username and password, and with copy paste doesn't work either. 

    I have now the last Teamviewer 14 with all updates on my pi.

    Thank you


  • Hi,

    i 'm a french user and i have this problem when i install the last teamviewer





    with sudo apt-get -f install, teamviewer-host is desinstall.


    Can you help me ???

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