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Issue accessing RDP when using Teamviewer

I'm using Teamviewer 14.3.4730.

My laptop is in the office and I'm remotly connecting to it using Teamviewer from Home.In my home computer I have Windows 10 and my laptop in the office also has Windows 10.

I can successfully remote manage my office laptop from home. The issue when I'm remote managing my office laptop from home, I want to access a Windows 2016 Server located on the internet network e.g. When I RDP to this server from my office laptop via Teamviewer I get black screen. When I'm at work and RDP to this server It works fine.

The funny thing is that it works when I RDP to Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Just a flow how I can connect to RDP
Home -> Laptop in the Office -> RDP

I'm have tried reinstalling Teamveiwer and etc but no luck.



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