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Mobile responsive view of servicecamp.

Dear servicecamp users,

Recently we released mobile responsive view for Servicecamp, which basically means that now you have abaility to see/create/update/change your tickets from your mobile devices.
Our goal was to make Servicecamp easly usable from any device, keep it simple but in the meantime provide a functional that would be more than enoght to complete your daily work on a go from your mobile phone. 


  • Switch quickly between Filters and Inboxes.
  • Have at hand tickets list for selected filter.
  • Immediately get needed ticket content by one tap.
  • Respond to ticket or update ticket properties on a go. 
  • Create new tickets on the fly and make quick updates.
Product Owner


  • Is this app available on android devices in Canada? I have been unable to locate the app in the app store. 

  • It is very necessary to be able to search by ticket or name.