Audio settings are greyed out on remote machine

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Hi Guys,

I have the latest v13 release. When I connect to a remote machine (same release there as well), I cannot control the audio settings over there. Like you can see attached, the controls are greyed out. They can be controlled only those ones who are sitting in front of the remote machine, the controls are visible only for them. Why? Did I encounter a bug?

Thanks!Post grey out.PNG



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  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @erga ,

    Thank you for your post.
    That's the control panel for the remote side. Unfortunately, you can't unmute their microphone from the local side.

    In order to change the microphone setting on your machine, please click the head phone mark ① and click the Microphone ➁.mute.png

    Hope this will be helpfrul.

    All the best, Yuri

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  • erga
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    Hi Yuri, thanks for your quick reply. Could you please let me know what is the reason behind this bevahior? It seems it's by design and TeamViewer development doesn't want to make the audio settings controllable from the local machine on the remote machine.


  • davebach
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    I feel like this is stupid. One of the reasons I use this software it to edit video remotely. I login to an unmanned machine and turn on the mic so I can hear what I'm doing. Will I have to downgrade to V12 in order for this to work again!?

  • LateralNw
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    Hi @Yuri_T 

    I have the same issue as  @erga and found it a problem for two reasons.

    1. The client side greys out the option showing what settings are availble and whether what state they are.  This means that I could be telling the preson to enable this option even though I can't prove to myself that it is disabled or not.  I look like the idoit if it is enabled.

    2. More importantly some people are not computer literate and have trouble following any thing that is remotely dificult.  I know this because I work in the IT industry and have done for 30 years.

    May I suggest that if TeamViewer is not ever going to allow this option to be enabled from the host that it at least shows the grey out section that is missing in  @erga picture and also places a big button somewhere on the screen so the remote computer user can easily see it and press it.

    On a seperate note is there a way to make the font text in this forum black as I find it very dificult to read this text in this light grey colour.

    Thank you,


  • davebach
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    My post was removed because I didn't say this nicely... so I shall try again...

    The TeamViewer team has not address this very important issue that some of us are concerned about.

    Personally, I have cancelled my contract and looked elsewhere for a solution to my issue.

    Thanks and I hope you are all staying safe and well during this international crisis.


  • parentalsupport
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    @LateralNw points are valid.

    I think we can accept there are benefits to this, but the implementation is problematic. We cannot see the status remotely, and most importantly. My users (elderly parents) have a lot of trouble finding anything on the screen. Let alone something I cannot see.

    At the very least, please consider allowing remote access users the ability to see the mic state so we can describe to the users where to click.

    A large colourful button would also be nice :)


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    I have the same probelm.

    I think it is a good idea to give the user the option to unmute the mic by remote user. You can still grey it out by default but the user can also choose to turn off the grey out should they prefer.

  • iz2fly
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    I think that I too will have to change software and think about other things, this function is also essential for me.