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Password field in Computers & Contacts -> Properties

New user here.  I'm trying to go through different options to ensure I have a secured account.  I'm using TeamViewer to access my own unattended computers remotely, and do not plan to allow anyone else to connect to my computers.

In my home computer, I have assigned the client to my TeamViewer account.  I also went to Extras->Options->Security to remove my "Personal password" and "Grant <my account> easy access".  I disabled Random password as well.

However, when I go to the "Computers & Contacts", click on the down arrow beside my computer (the one I'm actually on), select the top right settings icon -> properties, I still see the password filled out there.  Is that password not the personal password?  Or is it just a place to save any permanent passwords associated with listed computers so you don't have to type it every time you connect?


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