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Forward special keys using remote desktop inside a teamviewer session doesn't work


i've encountered an issue of forwarding special keys while using remote desktop inside a teamviewer session. The same problem is described here: CLICK

I use the latest version 14.4.2669 (on both sides). Host and guest are running windows 10. Due to this bug I am not even able to log in to the RDP session., because my password also consists of capital letters.

Inside the teamviewer-session, everything's alright. The checkbox “Send key combinations” ist activated und Copy/Paste (ctrl) inside the teamviewer-session is possible. Also capital letters (shift). But in the RDP-session "shift" and "ctrl" doesn't get forwarded.

Any suggestions how to solve the problem?

Kind regards,





  • CHCSean
    CHCSean Posts: 1

    Same here.  TV into work pc, then RDP into server..., shift and CTRL do not pass through to RDP session. 


    **bleep** when you have a ! in your password. 

  • manni71
    manni71 Posts: 1

    It is the same with Linux hosts as well.
    If I connect with TV from Windows 10 PC to Linux hsot and RDP to another hsot the  keyboard is "broken". Seems to be a wrong mapping.