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Activation for TeamViewer ver 13

I purchased a License for TeamViewer yesterday for a client and rather than try to deal with the new version 14 that no one seems to like. I installed version 13 and when I went to activate the subscription I get thrown back to have to install version 14. 
I have used TeamViewer for about 5 years and like the product but it is getting to the point where they have no way to addressing problems. 
I am just looking for the way that I can enter the license number and be able to see the 7 day trial period gone from the software. 
The software subscription was purchased as the controller of the company is going to be out for medical reasons for a several weeks and wants to be able to work by loggin in  her machine and check the company from her home. 
Does anyone have an idea how to enter the license on versioin 13 to get rid of the trial period. Teamviewer has eliminated the phone number for support and their Open a Ticket option has a loop where you will never be able to open one. 



Thanks & Best Regards,
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