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Manage Full client with policy inherited from group

I'm working on a 12-to-14 migration.  I understand there's no upgrade path so I'm working on doing an uninstall/reinstall deployment.  I did not implement or manage 12, so I'm pretty much new to Teamviewer and am working from the ground up.

I've been able to develop a Host install that appears in the Management Console and inherits policy based on group membership.  I want to do the same with a Full client, but the Policy field for my test client shows blank in the console.  Regardless of which group I assign it to, it never picks up policy.  Is it posible to manage Full clients with inherited policies?  I know that I can import registry settings during install, and I am doing that with a set of default settings, but I want to apply and enforce additional settings based on group membership.  My plan is to have a single Host or Full installation with default settings, then apply additional settings with policy based on group membership.  For example, HR clients would have different connections restriction that IT.

Help on this issue is appreciated.

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