Paid Upgraded and lost a lot of computers in my computers list??

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Why would they disapear?

3 Android devices that I reaaly need

And like 4 computers at an office I have been connecting to for years with my "Free" version..

How can 


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  • adamzski
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    Hi Ying thanks for the responce.

    They are not there. have all of those dropped dow/open and I have no clouds.

    One thing is that I would have maybe 10 years ago first started using Teamviewer in Australia.
    I have lived in Korea the last 4 years and purchased Teamviewer from the Korean store in KRW (thou still a address)

  • adamzski
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    Thanks for your help Ying, I had aplied the purchase to another acount.. adam instead of adamr@

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    Hi @adamzski 

    Thank you for checking your account and get back to me with the feedback.

    It is great to know that your found the answer.


    I would like to also take this opportunity to add these steps again for future reference for all other users who have similar situations.

    1. How many TeamViewer accounts do you have?  Are you signing in with the same account? If you do have multiple TeamViewer accounts, kindly sign in to the coorect account to retrieve your devices.
    2. Or have you ever deleted your original TeamViewer account on TeamViewer Management Console accidently? As TeamViewer system would not automaticaly  delete any user's account without user's permission and confirmation. If you have accidently delete your original TeamViewer account and recreate the account with the same email address, all data and contacts, devices saved under the original TeamViewer account can not be retrieved.
    3. Using the Search bar in TeamViewer to search the device IDs and save the device again
    4. Go to TeamViewer Management Console and find the list for all your devices. Please ensure that you have signed in to the correct account.


    Have a  beautiful week and feel free to post more questions in TeamViewer Community.



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