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Unable to connect to any Windows Servers- stuck on "Initializing display parameters"


I just started setting up TV (12.0.77242) on a number of servers that I manage.  These servers are located at two different sites.  I have been unable to get TV to work on any of the servers .  After clicking on the server it will showing connecting, authenticating and then will open the TV window and show "intializing display parameters".  It will remain in this state until I close the window.

If I access the servers using RDP (with the TV showing "initializing display parameters") the TV connection will immediately complete the connection and TV will be functional.  If I then disconnect the RDP connection I will get a TV window popup: "The screen cannot be captured at the moment.  This is probably due to fast user switching or a disconnected/minimized Remote Desktop session".

I have enabled enhanced multi user support" on the server.

Teamviewer setup on workstations works as expected.




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