Remote controll Trimble GFX-750 Android Tablet for agriculture

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I would like to use TeamViewer for remote control of my Trimble GFX-750 device, which is running on Android for a precision farming guidance system on a tractor.
I have already installed Quick Support Version 11.0.5409 QS through the Trimble App Central appstore. There is no later version available in the appstore.
My problem:
I am not able to establish a connection. Testing with the computer (I've tried all versions 10,11,12,13, and finaly14), the error "the other device is running on an older version - please install the latest one" and after that "unknown error" occurs. On my Android mobile phone the error message "no route" occurs after trying to connect to the Trimble device.
I also tried remote control from my computer to my Android phone. Here it works perfectly, even when I use the same hotspot I am using for the Trimble device for my phone.
What settings can I adjust on my Trimble device?
Thank you very much for your help!