Virus protection managed by organization - IT Administrator limited access

On Win 10 Home using the latest TV 14.4.2669, endpoint protection trial expired, a computer in my group on the TV mangement console is showing antivirus not active or out of date, but when on that computer the windows defender virus protection is locked stating it's managed by your organization and your IT administrator has limited access, access not available and contact the IT helpdesk for more info.  Cannot figure out how to unlock TV management of antivirus to be able to update the definitions.  Help?


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    Hi @masterpunqTV001 

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    In this case after the Trial expired you can make sure TeamViewer endpoint protection is uninstalled from programs And features list. Reboot the device and Windows Security Center will activate Windows Defender. 

    The described message is mostly from Windows maybe a GPO prevents manual operation on the device.

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