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Free disk space is below 10%

My computer is flagged with the message "Free disk space is below 10%" which is nonsense because my hard drive is less than 15% full.  Does this mean the teamviewer is located somewhere else on a very small HD or, if not, how can I turn off this flag?


  • I did that. It still shows. Even after a reboot.

  • gruber
    gruber Posts: 1

    uncheck above mention checkbox and press ok or appy below and the sign of red triangle will disappear

  • Launce
    Launce Posts: 3

    Did anyone ever solve this glitch? 

    As others have said, checking and unchecking "Enable integrated system health checks" has no effect on the disk space warning.

  • Launce
    Launce Posts: 3

    Never mind.  Once I turned off "health checks" on every computer separately,the problem resolved.

  • I'm getting the same warning on a machine with over 6TB free space (!) (150GB free on the 500GB Systems drive). Turns out, one of the USB Flash drives is past the 10% threshold. Yes, turning off integrated system checks turns off the warning but it makes the system check useless. It would be far more useful if I could specify to just check the "C" drive.
  • hi guys, is there any guide to fix this? my SSD has definitely still a lot more space than 10% and below.

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  • Is this a windows machine?  

    how is your disk partitioned?    

  • I have 2 identical laptops, one gives me a drive below 10% message the other doesn't so it's not other OS's or system boot drive or recovery drives and certainly not a USB drive causing a problem, the only thing I can think of is a mapped network drive but they are all OK too.
  • Good information. I was thinking that was the cause and you confirmed it with your explanation. And, I do have an HP :D

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  • Very good information. Suggested fix worked perfectly for me. I forgot the fact that I had a recovery partition on my drive which would trigger the alert.



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  • Suggested fix worked just fine for me. My recovery drive was being checked and it, of course, was less than 10%.

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  • JetBoY
    JetBoY Posts: 3

    That Sounds Super Secure!????

    Why haven't they FIXED this Problem..

    Simply turning OFF Security measures as a work around is not the Coolest fix...

    (ooh, I think I am hallucinating)??

  • JetBoY
    JetBoY Posts: 3

    Mine is Windows 10

    and it shouldn't really matter.. it specifies that the C: drive is less than 10% available... but it was over 20% NOT full.. I shifted another 8-11 % or so to another (totally seperate) drive and it repeatedly states the same.. even after Re SCAN and RE BOOT and removal and recon of drive ports etc.

  • JetBoY
    JetBoY Posts: 3

    I don't....

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