Dual Monitor support



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    GOTOMYPC  can do it I use it all the time. 

  • No need for two seperate sessions.

    When you connect to the remote pc, go to 'View' and select the button for both screens. Make sure that 'Monitors as individual windows' is checked. Once you are viewing both remote screens on one of your screens, then go to 'View' and select Screen 2. This opens screen 2 in a new seperate window which you can move to your second monitor and maximise. Now go back to the first window which still shows both remote screens, go to 'View' and select screen 1. Again this opens a new seperate window, which can then be maximised on your primary monitor. It's a very odd setup, but it works like a charm.

    Hope this helps.


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    Rob, you are great!

    Yes it works perfect!

    And still the dual sesion is available in case there are more than 2 monitors :-)

    Thanks for the great hint.

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    I have a remote VM with two monitors, when using TV12 i connect to this VM and can have both monitors displayed - open the second monitor via the panel.
    Installed TV13 and don't have this option anymore - i can only switch to the 'next' monitor via the panel but not open both monitors at the same time - the icon which is on TV12 for that is not available in TV13.
    Using Linux on my end with TV13 multiarch deb

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    **Third Party Product** does

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    I swear I was able to utilize two monitors on each end of the single connection, but now it forces these "Tabs". 

    always assume user error... but I fear I am not wrong on this one.

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    Suggestion for future improvement: 

    Sometimes one person connects to a remote computer that has 1 monitor but very wide type 21:9 at 4K from a computer that has several small monitors. It'd be great to have the option to aut-adjust teamviewer's window to extend to several monitors to cover the entire size of the remote computer's screen. 

    just an idea. Thanks a lot for this great software that has saved my **bleep** many times in the past 12 years! 

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    Any progress on this issue? Maybe some other product?
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    Apparently **Third Party Product** and **Third Party Product** both support this function. I haven't yet had time to test them. Let us know if you get a chance to test them or, perhaps, some of the TV devs will spot this thread and add the feature to TV...

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    I just tried**Third Party Product** and **Third Party Product**(both trial versions as they are not free to use) and they both allow only to watch and control the actual remote monitors. If there is only a single 1024x768 monitor on the remote PC and I have two 1920x1200 monitors locally, I can only get a 1024x768 picture.

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    here what I did I bought a display emulator for my remote pc 


    now teamviewer allows me to switch monitors on each connection. So I fired a second connection from myclient, right click on the tab and chose "to new Window" and move the new window to my second client monitor. finally I can enjoy 2 monitors for my remote.

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    Hi @tolisss,

    Your "fix" actually addresses another, unrelated, design weakness in TV. Please reread the original posters question, for further clarification.



  • This is such a ham handed way of doing it, I have to resize one large window, and when I do each monitor as a tab, that does nothing so far as I can tell, I do NOT get to separate windows or tabs, i get ONE windows that I Can resize but I can't go full screen like I Want to
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    Has this been addressed yet?

    As a specific example, when I work from home I have my work laptop on a separate desk, and then I RDP into it from my 3 monitor desktop which has a spanned display of 5863x1080.  RDP opens in full glory allowing the use of all that real estate.

    TeamViewer, on the other hand, opens in a window the size of the laptop display.  If I make it full screen, it does not adjust to the resolution of the spanned display - it simply centers the remote screen into the enlarged window with useless border space I cannot do anything with.

    It's 2020 and I would think that being 2 or so years since this thread was started, a solution would have been added.  Perhaps I am missing it?


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    If you missed it, so have I.

    Team Viewer has become a marginalized solution at this point. To think it still cannot do something that Remote Desktop has been able to do perfectly for...what? 10 years or more? Just wonder what they are spending their development time on, becasue it sure isn't bringing the product into the multi-monitor age.

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    TeamViewer needs to move with the times or face irrelevancy.

    Proper multi-monitor support is no longer a "would be nice". It is now, in a COVID-19 world, a "must have".

    Next on the list is TeamViewer native USB port redirection/passthrough! Just buy Flexuhub already!