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Not for Profit Question

Good Day,

Just Liking some clarification;

Looking at your not-for-profit rules to find out if we can use this for free;

It says "use in associations and non-profit organizations with non-volunteer (i.e. paid) employees"

Now the group we are apart of, has two paid staff, one part time admin, and another for accounts; though this is like a city center, and seperate in nature to our other centers. We are under the same Buissness number, but all the other groups have there own bank accounts and are run soley by volunteers. So while on the books we are all one, in reality, our other monasteries and retreat center are all run by volunteers. And all of our centers are run on donations.

Specifically I wanting to use teamviewer to connect to the computer at our retreat center,  from the monastery, both these centers the monastery and retreat center are run by volunteers only.

And finally at the monasteries we are Buddhist Monks and Nuns, and do not personally have any assets.

So are we able to use the softwear Teamviewer at the centers that only have voluneers staff for free?

Thanks for your time, efforts and clarifcation.

Monk K

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