Can Enter Numbers But Not Text

I have enjoyed TeamViewer power for years with no issues. I recently began experiencing something weird on Chromebook.

I use several devices (Galaxy S4 Smartphone, Win10 Laptop, Chromebook, Web Client) to control a Win10 computer.

The Chromebook connection (ONLY the Chromebook) recently started exhibiting this behavior...I can enter numbers but not letters. When I start entering text, it shows up in a 2-inch wide box on the bottom-left of the screen, but the text never gets sent to the remote computer. Keyboard shortcuts that include text characters DO work (example: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc.)

I'm stumped and can't currently use my Chromebook to efficiently enter data on the remote device.


  • jvosburgh
    jvosburgh Posts: 1

    I have exactly the same issue starting today.  I tried to hit the "Me too" button here but it wanted me to register then gave me an unkown error.  Anyway, yes, I can't type letters but can type numbers.  In the bottom corner of the Teamviewer display, the typed text shows up as I type.  This has occured on three systems, one with Windows 7 Professional and two with Windows 7 Home Premium.   I finally got one system working by repeatedly rebooting the target system and then banging on the keyboard for a while including the Ctrl, Alt and Windows keys.  Sadly, that system has gone back to this issue.  I love my Chromebook but there are times I need to remote into a "real" PC to get some of my work done.