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connecting to a remote laptop whose lid is closed

When connecting to a remote laptop whose lid is closed, some of the remote laptop's programs do not display correctly.  Why and is this normal?


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,476 Moderator

    Hello @skrambam,

    Thank you for your message.

    Indeed, having the lid of the laptop closed is considered on a technical side as "not having a remote monitor".

    It might in some cases (some specific programs) cause display issues.

    There is, unfortunately, no way to prevent this.

    I thank you in advance for your understanding.



    French Community Moderator
  • The following worked for me. Hopefully it will work for others…

    I am running Windows 10 v1909.  The remove laptop is Windows 10 v1903.

    With the lid closed, do the following (even though you don't see anything - Windows is still running, but it is not sending anything to a closed display):

    1. Windows Key + letter 'P' (will open the setting for multiple displays *)
    2. Press Enter 

    If the above doesn't work, press Windows key + 'P' more than once to toggle between different options:

      PC screen only / Duplicate / Extend / Second screen only

    Another thing that worked for me when the remote screen was not responding, and after doing the above, was toggling TeamViewer option Hide wallpaper on/off..

    * IMPORTANT Make sure you have enabled the TeamViewer option Send key combinations for the remote computer.

  • Hope this helps someone else as it did me.  From another site:

  • Doesn't work for me.

    The toggle (Windows +P key) works on the laptop while the lid is closed, but doesn't show on my Teamviewer screen / session.

    as soon as the lid is opened, teamviewer sessions works again.


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