remote connection to windows 10 - on sign out the screen freezes ... while the computer acts normal

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So i need to manage a touchscreen terminal remotely and i ma using teamviewer 12 beta ... for now at least

The pb is that on signout my screen freezes while the computer keeps doing what it needs to do ... i found this out using the guys at microsoft that were logged in at the same time and they were seing the corect screen while mine was stuck on sign out

Can i do anyinthg else than give up on teamviewer?



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    In my case, the screen goes black in TV 12 beta after signing out, but the user reports on the phone that they see log in screen. Only way to get the image back it to have user restart machine.

    In one case (weekend, unattended), that means I'll have to wait for next business day.

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  • exactly like mine ... except the screen stays blue :)

  • so nobody is watching this forum right?