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Remote Control requesting Confirmation

Hello everyone.

Today I ran into some issues when trying my mother to setup an unattended access to her work pc.

I configured her work pc according to the help article (removed personal passwords, granted easy access, checked connection is set to full access, connecting the computer to a teamviewer account) and then setup my computer to test the connection (also logging in with the teamviewer account, checking connection settings, etc) and the remote control still requests a confirmation on the work pc.

How can I turn that off so that the confirmation does not pop up any longer and we can connect to that pc without any confirmation?

Any help appreciated, I spent close to 2 hours google searching but none of the posts solved the issue.

Best Answer


  • Hey there, for some reason that button didn't show up when we were setting it up. Today it was suddenly there and it worked like a charm.


    Thanks a bunch and have a nice day!

  • This did not work for me