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Teamviewer makes iMac Pro unresponsive and brake Safari

I have on my LAN iMac,  iMac Pro and MacBook Pro. All machines works fine with TeamViewer, iMac Pro not. Incoming connections will work fine from outside machines but when iMac Pro will establish connection to outside it will stay for long time with connecting...... and machine will become unresponsive and Safari will hang. I have tried all recommedation without help and looked into the log.

I had to Uninstall Teamviewer from the machine this is my main machine.


Further investigation I found out that:

Installing clean macOS Mojave with TeamViewer 14 on an external Disk reveal that the problem is gone. In other words there is a problem betweem TeamViewer and one of the macOS Mojave system files.

How can I find which system files is the cause of the problem?



  • I solved the problem myself as no support was in reach, I installed TeamViewer in Root account.