Teamviewer 12- Not ready. Please check your connection (Windows 8)

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Hi All,

After installed Teamviewer 12, it shows Not ready. Please check your connection and prompt something about proxy server.

Tried disabling firewall, restart teamviewer service, reinstall teamviewer, but none of them works. 

Please help if there is any way to resolve it. It has been few months.






  • I have the same problem under windows 10. I have to kill Teamviewer using task manager (closing it normally doesn't work) and then when I start it again it works.

    The problem seems to be that when I am at the college, the router settings prevent teamviewer from connecting with its master server. When I get back home, teamviewer (since version 12 only) seems to keep something in cache from my internet connection at the college and will keep refusing connection to the master server (but normally it works at home!). When I kill teamviewer with task manager (it may take a couple of tries killing it/rebooting it) and start it again, it seems to work again at home.

  • thomas10
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    Well, good to see you have a way to overcome this issue. But not from my side. What a pain,