Teamviewer installed on remote computer, but will not let me connect. Debian 8

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I have Teamviewer installed on the remote machine, running Debian 8, I can see it in the list of computers we have, I can click on it, but when I do get connected, I cannot login, I see the Debian splash screen before you log in.




  • ChristianCay
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    Dear Lorne,

    Thank you for your post.

    Seems like the Computer Terminal changed (tty) and TeamViewer is not able to grab the actual physical screen.

    Do you have ssh access to this device? If so, please run the following commands:

    #check if more than one tty is actually running
    #keep in mind that if you're connected using ssh you will get something like pts/0


    #restart teamviewer service to fix the issue

    sudo teamviewer daemon restart

    If you see more than 2 results on the who command probably the tty was switched from GUI to CLI or vice-versa. 

    Hope this solution works for you.


    Best regards,


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