It's not complete uninstall TeamViewer Host MSI Package

HI Folks,

I uninstall TeamViewer Host MSI Package but found that Teamviewer key still appear in HKLM:Software\Wow3264\TeamViewer

How to complete uninstall ??




  • Jonathan
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    Hi Pond,

    Thanks for your post!

    Are you uninstalling the current TeamViewer to do a new deployment?

    If yes, then you can deploy the new "TeamViewer_Settings.reg" and it will override the existing file.

    If no, then you would have to remove the key manually from each machine.

    Since you are using the MSI deployment, you can always reach out to your local support center for further assistance.

    All the best,


  • Pond
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    I would like to reinstall the TeamViewer Host MSI Package and also run the TeamViewer_Host_Assignment tool for update alias name on the management console but I cannot do that's because no AssignmentData.json file recreated.

    I learn that after remove TeamViewer registry key under HKLM:\Software\Wow3264\TeamViewer and reinstall the TeamViewer Host , then the AssignmentData.json file appear in installation folder.

    if you have idea to complete uninstall the TeamViewer Host or any tool available ,please suggest.



  • Teammatez
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    Every MSI has a specific uninstall code via registry. So if you are deploying with the same teamviewer.msi file this should work for you. Open up PowerShell and type on a test machine:

    Get-wmiobject Win32_Product

    and locate the IdentifyingNumber for Teamviewer 12 (MSIWrapper).

    Then in CMD type -

    msiexec /x {IdentifiyingNumber with Brackets} /quiet

    This should fully uninstall your Teamviewer including registry keys. Deploy this command via CMD or Batch file, then follow in your task sequence your deployment of Teamviewer MSI.

    I had a problem that I was dealing with earlier today on this. Let me know if it works.